Radium Engineering Top Feed Fuel Rail Adapter - Ver 8/9 EJ207 / 2.5i EJ253

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The Subaru Impreza 2.5i and JDM Version 8/9 intake manifolds are great solutions for eliminating the tumble generator valves on modified engines. However, it has been difficult to find high performance fuel rails for these manifolds. 
These Radium Engineering adapters permit the use of any 2002+ Subaru top feed fuel rail, such as Radium 20-0167 (OEM or aftermarket) with OEM Subaru top-feed fuel injectors (or equivalent aftermarket injector).
The slotted hole positioning below is specifically for the Subaru 2.5i EJ253 intake manifold. Moving the adapters outwards allows fuel rail fitment for the EJ207 intake manifold.
- CNC Machined Billet 6061 Aluminum
- Anodized and Laser Etched
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Certain fuel rails used with these adapters may not be compatible with avcs solenoids. Modification maybe required depending. 
- Not compatible with side-to-top feed conversion fuel rails.
- Subaru 2.5i EJ253 high CFM OEM manifolds requires these adapaters to mount fuel rails
- JDM EJ207 STI Twin Scroll Version 8/Version 9 (V8/V9) top feed rails require these adapters to fit aftermarket rails.
- Will NOT fit 2001-2002 JDM STI EJ207 Version 7 (V7)
- JDM 2000+ EJ205 WRX fitment has NOT been confirmed. 
JDM 2003+ EJ207 STI Twin Scroll Version 8/Version 9 (V8/V9)
Impreza 2.5i EJ253 high CFM OEM manifolds

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