Price Matching Policy

-Must be a Canadian competitor

-Price must be listed in Canadian dollars

-The competitor must have a physical address

-The product(s) cannot be clearance, refurbished or overstock

-We will not match sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc.

-If your order qualifies for free shipping from us but not from the competitor, we will match their price with shipping included.

-We reserve the right not to price match any offer


Please contact us via our live chat or to inquire about price matching. You can include a link to the competitors price that you would like to match. Thanks


Full policy

Subie supply co. offers a price match policy under which we will match qualifying retailers advertised prices should their advertised price be lower than the current purchase price on This offer applies only to the advertised online price of identical items offered for sale by Subie Supply co. Subie Supply co. will not accept price match requests under any circumstances from auction sites (Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or other auction based websites) this includes e-tailers that do not list a public physical address on their website. Subie Supply co. will not match prices listed on non Canadian websites. The price must be listed in Canadian dollars and the competitors primary location must be in a Canada. Furthermore should Subie Supply co or the competing vendor in question not display the item as in stock or not have stock available for immediate shipment price match requests will not be accepted. Should a customer submit a price match request on an item that is subject to MAP, UMAP or is restricted from discounting, Subie Supply co. will not be able to complete a price match request. As we offer free shipping on orders over $250 , if your order qualifies for free shipping on our site but not on the competitors site then we will match their price with their shipping cost included. Lastly should Subie Supply co. determine the competing vendor is using incorrect or outdated pricing we will not offer a price match on the item (s) in question.