Volk Racing TE37 SAGA SL Pressed Graphite 18X9.5 +35 5x114


$1,184.99 CAD

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The development of TE37SAGA S-plus is in sight, and the bench test is cleared. After seeing the results of the actual driving test and the victory in the Super Taikyu 24-hour race of the year, we started the development of SAGA SL in earnest.

The SAGA S-plus has been sublimated into a wheel designed for use in super endurance races, and while it was designed and developed with consideration for fit to many wide-ranging vehicles, the original definition of SL is "original". "Lighter than the wheel" "TE37 racing concave" "Black clear finish on the diamond cut that shows the trace of weight reduction that is the feature of SL". The only unfortunate thing is that we are so particular about this style that the vehicles that can be installed are limited.

However, we believe that we were able to achieve the "dignity," "unique atmosphere," and "new performance" that can be understood by installing the SAGA SL. Recreating the TE37 SL is meaningful and meaningful. This is because there is a style unique to SL that always seeks solitary strength and light weight.It cannot be said lightly that "we sought strength and lightness." Because only those who truly qualify to say so are allowed.



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