Radium Engineering Fuel Rails Top Feed Conversion Kit - EJ25 USDM

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Radium Engineering has manufactured fuel rails for the Subaru EJ255/EJ257 with a large internal bore, the fuel rail can support all any engine power requirements.
The Radium fuel rail converts the OEM side feed fuel injector setup to top feed injectors, allowing the use of a wide variety of aftermarket fuel injectors available on the market.
This kit is compatible with E85.
Kit Includes:
- (2x) Black Anodized Laser Etched Aluminum Fuel Rails
- (4x) Green Anodized and Laser Etched 22mm Injector Seats
- (4x) Phenolic Thermal Insulating Press-In Spacers, 15mm
- (4x) Phenolic Thermal Insulating Press-In Bolt Washers
- (4x) Stainless Steel M8x1.25 Mounting Bolts
The fuel injector bores and the included press-fit injector seats are designed for 14mm injector O-rings. These seats include O-rings to prevent boost pressure leaks.
Fuel Injector Compatability:
- Short 34mm injectors are used in this kit .
Injector Dynamics ID850-34-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID1050x-34-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID1300-34-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID1700-34-14-14
Injector Dynamics ID2000-34-14-14
Evolved Injection DPI550-38-14-14
Evolved Injection DPI650-38-14-14
Evolved Injection DPI850-38-14-14
Evolved Injection DPI1000-38-14-14
Evolved Injection DPI1200-38-14-14
Evolved Injection DPI1300-38-14-14
Evolved Injection DPI2200-38-14-14
RC Engineering SM2-0310
RC Engineering SM2-0370
RC Engineering SM2-0450
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0042-6
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0050-6
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0065-6
Deatschwerks 16U-00-0090-6
Deatschwerks 16M-00-1500-6
Deatschwerks 16M-00-2200-6
- This is a side feed to top feed conversion fuel rail.
- DO NOT purchase "WRX Fitment" top feed injectors! Must use a compatble 34mm injector from the list above!
2004-2006 Subaru STI
2004-2005 Subaru Forester XT
2005-2007 Subaru Legacy GT & Spec. B
2005-2007 Subaru OutbacK XT

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