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The PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever combines the OEM reverse lockout ring, and plastic boot holder into one part making for a clean, simpler look for your shifter. The PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever's ring's finish matches the PERRIN Shift Knob base making it look like one assembly.
Over time and mileage, the factory reverse lockout will wear out and could cause a rattle under aggressive shifting. PERRIN resolves this issue by incorporating 2 silicone O-rings to create a tight fit with smooth friction-free action. 
This unit has bee made of billet 6061 aluminum materials and will come in the anodized black finish. 
No More Rattles
The factory reverse lock out link wears out with high mileage and aggressive shifting causing a shifter rattle. The PERRIN Reverse lock out lever incorporates (2) silicone o-rings creating a tight fit with a smooth friction free action, even on worn shifters.
Easy Installation
Installation time is roughly 1 hour for the DIY'er. Any professional shop should be able to complete the install in about 30 minutes. Take a look at the instructions to take a look for yourself.
Machined from billet 6061 aluminum the PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever is polished and anodized black, matching the shifter collar on PERRIN Shift Knobs. Featuring (2) Silicone o-rings, special grease, and a stainless steel bolt to release the shifter cable, the PERRIN Reverse Lockout Lever is perfect for any tuner.
- This part is designed to work with all OEM shifters, new or worn out.
- Aftermarket shifters may or may not work do to tolerance differences. Please measure outside diameter of shifter (where lock out slides) before installing PERRIN reverse lock out. It must measure smaller than .514" on all surfaces, or the PERRIN reverse lock out may not slide smoothly. It also may not be smaller than .500" or it could rattle on shifter.
- Compatible with the Kartboy short shifter
2004-2021 Subaru STI & Type-RA

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