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Add a bit of flair and accent your WRX engine bay with the PERRIN Engine Cover Kit. This kit replaces your OEM plastic engine cover with metal shrouds that look great and keep a seal between themselves and hood scoop to maintain proper airflow to your top mount intercooler.

Two-Piece Design

The PERRIN Engine Cover Kit comes with two pieces that make up the main body: one piece that covers your belts and pulleys, and one piece that covers your intake manifold and top mount intercooler end-tanks.

Doesn’t Compromise Airflow

The OEM plastic engine cover not only attempts to clean up your engine bay, but serves a function–it creates a seal between the top mount intercooler and the hood scoop. The PERRIN Engine Cover Kit keeps this functionality and keeps air flowing properly to your top mount intercooler while looking much more appealing that the OEM plastic cover.

With the way that the PERRIN Engine Cover Kit is designed, it will still provide proper airflow to aftermarket top mount intercoolers that are larger than the OEM intercooler.

Includes Engine Cover Lockdown Kit

The PERRIN Engine Cover Kit includes parts from the PERRIN Engine Cover Lockdown. The OEM plastic engine cover has very fragile mounting tabs that can break easily after only one or two removals.

Construction & Finish

The PERRIN Engine Cover and Belt Cover are constructed from aluminum with precision drilled mounting holes and finished in red or black textured powdercoat. The bracket is made from stainless steel and the washers from billet aluminum. The washers are anodized black for a lasting finish and printed with the PERRIN logos.


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