Koyorad Hyper Series Red Radiator Cap - Universal

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Hyper Series Red Radiator Cap (SK-C13) by Koyorad®. Finish: Red. Extract every ounce of cooling efficiency from Koyorad all-aluminum performance radiators with a genuine Koyorad Hyper Cap! This Koyorad Hyper Cap withstands an increased valve pressure rating of 1.3kgf/cm2 (1.3 bar) (18.9 psi) (130 kPa) which increases the boiling point of water and relieves high-performance engines of excessive heat. A genuine Koyorad Hyper Cap is recommended for use with every Koyorad all-aluminum performance radiator (when applicable). This Koyorad Hyper Cap is manufactured in Japan from high-quality components to ensure longevity and performance from your Koyorad Racing radiator.


Increased valve pressure rating

High-quality components

Pressure tested

Why is increased Pressure Better?

It’s simple. When water is pressurized, its natural boiling point is increased. Most modern vehicles are equipped with a 0.9 Bar pressure cap. Koyorad’s Hyper Cap is rated at 1.3 Bar which increases the boiling temperature of your coolant to 267.80 degrees Fahrenheit. That is nearly a 56 degree increase over water’s normal boiling point. By increasing the boiling point of water, an engine’s cooling system will have the added heat capacity, maximizing performance under ever-changing racing conditions.

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