IAG Turbo Oil Feed & AVCS Line Replacement Crush Washers (For IAG-ENG-2070 / IAG-ENG-2072)


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IAG offers a replacement copper crush washer kit for the IAG turbo oil feed & AVCS lines. The kit is designed to directly replace what was originally included in the line kits with Part Number IAG-ENG-2070 & IAG-ENG-2072.


Each hardware replacement kit includes:

  • (x1) 12mm Thick Copper Crush Washer (Used with IAG-ENG-2070 & IAG-ENG-2072)
  • (x4) 12mm Copper Crush Washers (Used with IAG-ENG-2070 & IAG-ENG-2072)
  • (x2) 10mm Copper Crush Washers (Used with IAG-ENG-2070 / *Not used for GT Series Oil Feed & AVCS Lines PN# IAG-ENG-2072)

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