IAG Performance High Pressure Braided Power Steering Line (Rotated Turbo Routing) - 2002-07 WRX, 2004-07 STI


$145.99 CAD

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The OEM power steering line can sometimes get in the way of a rotated turbo install. The IAG Performance high-pressure stainless steel braided power steering line is shorter than the OEM line and flexible, giving you the ability to manipulate it and add clearance to various rotated turbo parts. The line, measuring approximately 25" in length, routes under the intake manifold, directly connecting the power steering pump and the steering rack. Fits 2002-07 Subaru WRX and 2004-07 STI.

  • (x1) Braided Stainless Steel Line (90 Degree Fitting / Straight Fitting)
  • (x2) Fittings
  • (x1) Copper Washer
  • (x1) Seal

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