Gram Lights 57XTREME Spec D 18x9.5 +38 5-114.3 Graphite Wheel


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Gram Lights

Here you are looking at a favorite set of Gram lights wheels. Please find the wheel specs in the title above.

NOTE: Price is per wheel. Please select a quantity of "4" for a complete set.



Gram Lights Wheels Available For Sale At Subie Supply Co.

Performance cars like yours deserve a set of wheels that is able to squeeze out every ounce of adrenaline and energy you desire, but it also doesn't hurt to have a set of wheels outfitted on your car that has been customized just how you want it, with production methods that are truly world class. With this in mind, we'd like to introduce you to Gram Lights.

Founded in 2001 under the RAYS umbrella (also home to Volk Racing wheels), Gram Lights is a brand entirely focused on cutting-edge technology, badass designs, and ample supply of finish options for your car. This has allowed Gram Lights to be a leading manufacturer for those looking for a wheel style uniquely their own, and we're proud to offer Gram Lights wheels here at Fitment Industries. Check them out below!

Top Design and Construction Features of Gram Lights Wheels

In order to maximize the performance that Gram Lights wheels can offer for your car, no expense has been spared during the manufacturing process of every wheel it produces. It offers cutting-edge wheel theories and an innovative casting process known as "hybrid machining," resulting in three-dimensional surfaces in the design of each wheel, faceted surfacing at different angles, and profiled spoke edges.

Gram Lights wheels are also built with RAYS' own Advanced Machining Technology, which allows the brand to engrave intricate designs into each rim, leading to even better customization. All told, besides the stellar performance and race-oriented production that goes into every Gram Lights wheel, you simply can't find a more unique set of wheels anywhere else.

Color Options and Sizing of Gram Lights Wheels

You can find just about any combination of diameter, width and offset in the Gram Lights lineup; the wheels the brand offers are available in diameters ranging from 15 to 20 inches, widths from 7 to 11 inches, and offsets from +12mm to +50mm.

You probably know Gram Lights, however, due to the amount of color options they provide for drivers. Please see below for all colors available:


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