Fluidampr Crank Pulley - Subaru EJ20/EJ25

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The Fluidampr viscous damper will reduce wear on your engines main bearings and timing gear. Therefore achieving more accurate valvetrain operation and lower the risk of crank failure.
Completely unlike the rubber based dampers, this will automatically adapt to your modifications. It will then continuously self-tune in real time, as the engine revs up, torsional vibration suspends the inertia ring and reduces its weight felt on the crankshaft. Measured as rotating weight, this effect helps maintain quick revs while preserving optimum dampening.
- Decreased engine vibration. No more flywheels, crank trigger wheels, or timing gears falling off of the crankshaft. This is unavoidable when revving past 8000rpm without an engine damper.
- Decreased "Clutch/Gear Box Chatter" which is caused by lightweight single mass flywheels.
- Reduction in rpm drops when shifting in a competitive environment.
- Gains of 3-10whp and 5-13ft/lbs. torque depending on your current setup.
- An overall more efficient and reliable engine.
- Black Zinc Finish
- Reduces Harmful Engine Vibrations
- Never Needs To Be Rebuilt Or Tuned
- Bore Diameter 0.9436"
- Degree Marking Range TDC
- Degree Markings Engraved
- Engine Balance Internal
- Keyway Single
- Length 1.927"
- Material Steel
- Mounting Hardware Included No
- Outside Diameter 5-3/8"
- Safety Rating SFI 18.1
- Weight / Rotating Weight 6.9 lbs / 4.6 lbs
- Requires cut/trim plastic opening on the timing cover to allow the pulley to sit flush against the cover without contact. 
- Will NOT fit 2010+ Legacy GT
- Will NOT fit FA20/FA20DIT engines.  
2004-2020 Subaru STI & Type-RA
2002-2014 Subaru WRX
2004-2013 Subaru Forester XT
2005-2009 Subaru Legacy GT & Spec B
2005-2009 Subaru Outback XT

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