DBA T2 Street Series Slotted Rotor Single Front - STI 2005-2017

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This is the DBA T2 Street Series Slotted Rotor which has been designed to be quieter and to provide a smoother brake pedal feel over other traditional straight slot design rotors. This rotor features DBA's unique T2 slots that will not only wipe away any brake pad dust and debris, the slots also will provide efficient cooling that will perform under daily driving duties, or the occasional spirited canyon run or weekend track event. 





  • Front location
  • Universal slot design that fits both left and right-hand sides
  • Bi-Symmetrical curve slots dampen the vibration harmonics or noise which enhances the pad bite and provides a smoother brake pedal feel
  • The friction surface is Cubic Boron Nitride and machined turned for improved disc thickness variation and parallelism
  • Increased surface area results in greater heat dissipation which will minimize brake fade while increasing braking effectiveness
  • Paint protection on non-friction areas to protect the disc from corrosion
  • Offers excellent bite in normal to cold conditions
  • Ideal for enthusiasts who want a performance upgrade for daily driver use that provides improved braking 
  • Comfortable for street use and for the occasional weekend track event or spirited canyon run
  • The slots will wipe away any brake dust and pad residue to always provide a clean contact surface between the pad and rotor
  • Sold individually
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