Cusco Front Type-RS - 1.5 Way Limited Slip Differential - STI 2004-2021


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Part #: LSD 184 C15

Cusco's performance limited slip differentials can help in a number of ways. During turning, the inner driven wheel experiences less weight and can spin freely preventing you from putting the power down while upsetting the car. An LSD will force the other wheel to spin at the same rate, maximizing traction on power out. During acceleration, a stock LSD can often be too weak to lock both wheels allowing one to spin. Cusco's LSDs will keep both wheels locked firmly in place to keep the car planted while putting down all your power. Cusco offers two different types of LSDs. The Type-RS utilizes springs to absorb some of the initial torque application on the LSD. This makes for a gentler engagement and smoother transitions. Chatter is kept to a minimum and life is extended. Oil change frequency is also reduced. The Type-MZ does not have springs and engages harder than the RS. By switching the number of clutch plates in the unit, the sensitivity can be set. This would be the cost effective choice.

1.5 Way - Activates under acceleration but not as much during deceleration. Typically the 1.5 way differential is suitable for all types of motorsports driving. With optimized performance during acceleration it carries a lighter lockup on deceleration which is best suited for traditional road racers. Despite the fact that 1.5 way units have slighter lock up on deceleration, many users may still use this cam type for aggressive motorsports such like drifting or low gear auto crossing & gymkhana. FWD vehicles can experience increased stability during braking.

Important Notes:

  • Please contact us with any questions regarding the differentials
  • If there is a differential setup you want but do not see available below, please contact us
  • The settings of the differentials can be changed but ONLY during after dissassembly amidst an overhaul.

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