EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Street And Track Front Brake Pads - 13-21 BRZ


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Yes, it's true. EBC has created a brake pad that can sustain high levels of heat under race conditions but can be comfortable enough to drive home. How is this possible? EBC has formulated a compound that delivers a superb cold bite. Meaning with dedicated track pads, you have to put some heat into them before they become effective. The EBC Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pads offer an excellent bite right out of the driveway so you don't have to ride your brakes just to get some heat into them. 

Aside from street use, the Yellowstuff brake pads have been designed to sustain high-temp use for those weekend track events. So if you like to participate in weekend HPDE events, auto-cross, or time trials, these brake pads will provide the stopping power. These pads are for the rear location and will include new shims making them ready for the installation. 




  • Front brake pad location
  • Durable full-race kevlar construction
  • Made for high-temp use
  • Superb cold bite which is uncommon for a track-oriented pad
  • Can be used for high-powered daily drivers
  • Because they have a good cold bite, they do not require a warm-up the use which makes them safe for road use
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