AEM V2 Water / Methanol 1.15 Gallon Methanol Injection Tank

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AEM has redesigned its original 1-gallon water/methanol injection tank to increase its capacity to 1.15 gallons and has added an anti-starvation reservoir below the low fluid indicator sensor where the WMI mixture collects prior to entering the system. This reservoir helps to prevent fluid starvation under extreme G-loads when the system is running low on fluid. The mounting locations have been repositioned to the four corners of the tank and were designed within the footprint of the overall tank dimensions for easier mounting. These improvements were implemented as a running change to AEM's gasoline-engine WMI systems and there is no increase in the cost of the tank.

A more accurate, conductive low level fluid sensor is integrated into the tank and features a positive lock connector with color-matched wires to the wiring harness. The sensor eliminates any chance of incorrect readings due to interference from debris.


  • Larger 1.15 Gallon tank with built-in conductive low fluid level indicator and anti-starvation reservoir (Kits 30-3300 & 30-3350)
  • Tank mounting tabs within the footprint of the tank
  • New 1.15 Gallon Tank Kit, PN 30-3325 supersedes AEM PN: 30-3321

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