AEM V2 Standard Controller Kit - Internal MAP w/ 35psi Max

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The AEM Electronics Water/Methanol controllers have been designed to add more power and make life a little easier for those of you using methanol injection, This is a progressive type controller which allows the fluid to be injected in proportion with the amount of boost detected by the internal MAP sensor. So the more boost you have (up to 35 PSI), the more methanol will be injected. Additionally, the AEM Water Methanol Injection Controller automatically compensates for any dips in battery voltage to ensure the user that there will be consistent flow under all driving conditions. 

Other features include Status LED's which mimics the operation of the external LED. Once you start the vehicle then it will flash in green for go, then red for stop or error. This unit has short circuit self-diagnostics if there should be something wrong. And this function can be disabled following the instructions provided in the user manual. 

In conclusion, the AEM Electronics Water/Methanol Controllers takes methanol injection up another level with the latest technology which provides users with a failsafe means of using methanol injection rather than getting a universal pump and relying on it to pump under boost which can be catastrophic should there be an unfortunate event of a failure.

This controller will come with a wiring harness to make this unit ready for installation.

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