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So after bragging to all of your friends that your car runs 13's you think it's time to go to the drag strip and see what you're made of. You watch all the cars in front of you do a big smokey burnout. And as these burnouts have the crown in applause, your turn is coming up. Dude next to you has a RWD muscle double cam edle 4 barrel dual carburated whatever machine that makes everyone say dang, and he begins to smoke his rear tires. Now you're searching on your phone real quick on how to do a burnout. You put it in first, give it all the revs, and small on the brakes. As you're looking to your left and right you're trying to see if that's tire smoke. 

All of a sudden it smells like BBQ chicken in your car and everyone is laughing.

Don't worry, you can get back on the road with the ACT 6 Pad Sprung Race Disc. This disc holds up to 28% more torque when compared to your typical organic disc. This disc is perfect for those with moderate bolt-ons, and features heavy duty torsional dampening springs. Just make sure you do a proper break in period before you do anything else irrational. 

FITMENT NOTE: Due to change in the flywheel and clutch disc size, the following models MUST use this clutch and flywheel together as they WILL NOT be compatible with the OE or other stock sized replacement parts.

  • 2018+ WRX
  • 2005-2009 Legacy GT / Outback XT
  • 2006-2008 Forester XT


    Brand: ACT
    Alignment Tool Included: Yes
    Clamp Load Increase: 94%
    Crank Torque Capacity: 650 ft/lbs
    Disc Material: Ceramic
    Disc Style: Sprung Hub
    Disc Type: 6-Puck
    Flywheel Included: Yes
    Pilot Bearing Included: Yes
    Pressure Plate Style: Push
    SFI Approved: Yes
    Throwout Bearing Included: Yes
    Wheel Torque Capacity: Not Provided
    Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
    Condition: New Product

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