Raceseng Apex R Shift Knob - m12x1.25mm - Most Manual Subaru Models

SKU: RSG08511B-081102

$142.99 CAD

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The Apex R was designed to enhance your driving experience while providing the personal touch you look for when you modify anything on your car. Its purpose is to compliment your need to express your individuality. Not with a generic part, but one that looks and feels like a quality part. The Apex R comes with an adapter that will seamlessly mount it on your car's shifter arm with OEM fit and finish. The shift knob is available in black, blue and red satin anodized finishes.


Raceseng understands that the shift knob is going to be one of the most important items in your interior. This is an item that is one of the most touched accessories in the car, short of the steering wheel and pedals. Raceseng designed the Apex R to be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is to hold in the palm of your hand. The cnc machining details on the Apex R make this shift knob stand out from anything else. Raceseng precisely machined a unique detail that cups their icon and wraps down the side of the shift knob. After machining, the Apex R goes through multiple finishing stages from hand media blasting to anodizing. The final result is a gorgeous satin anodized finish.


Raceseng takes fitment seriously. The Apex R comes with a precision cnc machined adapter that will mount the shift knob onto your car's shifter arm. The adapter requires simple steps to install and allows you to adjust the shift gate engraving orientation with ease through the flat head screw in the top of the adapter.

  • WEIGHT |  .34 lbs. - 155 grams
  • HEIGHT |  2 1/4" - 57 mm
  • DIAMETER |  1 3/4" - 44 mm
  • COUNTERBORED |  For Reverse Lockouts and Shift Boot Retainer

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