$989 CAD

Each PERRIN oil cooler uses a Setrab core which maximizes heat dissipation without pressure build-up. Oil-ways are interspaced with airway corrugations providing optimum heat transfer, while the oil passages use "turbulators" to break down boundary layer effects in the oil flow. 
Setrab Oil Coolers employ an in-line turbulator to gently stir the fluid being cooled, thereby ensuring that the fluid has exposure to the entire internal surface area of the oil cooler with the least pressure lost. The turbulators are fully brazed to the entire internal length of the tube resulting in zero heat transfer barrier and high strength.
The PERRIN Performance filter adapter features an integrated 85°C (185°F) thermostat. This means oil will not start flowing through the oil cooler until oil temps reach an optimum temperature of 85°C. In addition to the OEM oil filter from Subaru, we include a PERRIN spacer which allows for easier installation of the thermostat-filter assembly and increased clearance for the hoses over the headers.
PERRIN's STI/WRX oil cooler kit uses lightweight Aeroquip brand -10 hose that is rated for 250psi and 300°F continuous temperature. Each hose consists of anodized -10 push-lock type aluminum hose ends. These fittings are designed to fit without the need for clamps, but we take the extra step and add a clamp ensuring they will never come apart.
Unlike other kits that make you assemble your hoses, PERRIN preassembles them for you!

2008-2014 WRX - Yes
2006-2007 WRX - Yes, requires Subaru Part Number 21328AA140, the coolant crossover pipe
2008-2014 WRX with PERRIN FMIC - Yes

2002-2005 WRX - Yes, requires Subaru Part Number 21328AA140, the coolant crossover pipe
2004-2007 STI, requires Subaru Part Number 21328AA140, the coolant crossover pipe
2008-2020 STI - Yes
2008-2020 STI with PERRIN FMIC - Yes

2015-2020 WRX - Yes
2015-2020 WRX with PERRIN FMIC - Yes

  • Oil Cooler Core Dimensions 9" x 4" x 2"
  • Core Delta PSI 4.0/4.5 PSI
  • Core BTU/hr Range 19,000-26,000
  • Additional Oil Required 1 quart
  • Mounting Brackets 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Filter Spacer 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Oil Cooler Thermostat 85°C Activation Temp
  • Hose Size -10
  • Hose Construction AQP elastomer tube, textible braind reinforcement, AQP elastomer cover

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