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Installation Hardware Included  Yes
Manufacturer Warranty  5 Years
Piping Flex Joint  Yes
Piping ID  2.5in
Piping Material  304 Stainless Steel
Tip Material  Stainless Steel
Tip Shape  Round\
Tip Size  3.50in


The PERRIN Dual Tube Catback Exhaust is designed for high performance, long life, and great sound. Splitting the exhaust flow into two tubes creates a higher flow capacity and a unique sound for your Subaru boxer engine.

It is very important for aftermarket exhaust systems to sound great and the PERRIN Dual Tube Catback Exhaust sounds awesome. Wake up that quiet WRX or STI and give it that Subaru rumble with a unique PERRIN tone; nothing else is quite like it!

Dual Tube Design
The PERRIN Dual Tube Catback Exhaust is unique in a world full of bland 3" exhaust systems. The system starts out as a single 3" tube and transitions into a "y" that feeds into dual 2.25" tubes. These two 2.25" tube continue all the way out to the mufflers at the back of the car.

Performance And Flow 
Dual 2.25" tubes flow more than the typical 3" tube while producing lower sound levels. Dual 2.25" tubes have 12.5% more internal volume than a single 3" tube for increased flow capacity that can handle the power you want to put through it.

304 Stainless Steel Construction
The PERRIN Dual Tube Catback Exhaust is made entirely of 304 stainless steel. 304SS provides high corrosion resistance and is excellent for heat up to 1800° Fahrenheit. Other manufacturers may use cheaper 409SS, which will rust and corrode over time, but the added expense of 304SS is well worth it for a beautiful, long lasting finish. The PERRIN Dual Tube Catback Exhaust has a brushed finish for sporty good looks that will last the lifetime or your car.

No Adapters Required - The PERRIN Dual Tube Catback Exhaust uses two types of connections. First, a flat flange with a gasket is used at the downpipe for a precise OEM-like fit--no adapters required. Then OEM-type butt connectors are used that have both a slip and twist adjustment to aid in aligning the exhaust exactly how you want. These OEM-type connectors do not require gaskets and are very easy to remove or adjust. The complete exhaust hangs from the bottom of the car with the factory rubber hangers, or upgrade to PERRIN urethane hangers.

Exhaust Tips
Extra attention is paid to the tips as they are what you see once the exhaust is installed. Extra precise brushed finish with an etched PERRIN logo and straight cut 3.5" diameter tips really stand out with a motorsports look.

- Sedan fitment only.

2011-2020 Subaru STI (Sedan Models)
2008-2020 Subaru WRX (Sedan Models)

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