IAG Top Feed Conversion Kit - V2 Black TGV, Fuel Rails, Custom Lines for Aeromotive FPR (04-06 STI, 04-05 FXT)


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The IAG Performance Top Feed Conversion Kit is designed to completely convert the 2004-06 Subaru STI and 2004-05 Forester XT from side feed TGV/Rails/Lines to top feed TGV/Rails/Lines. This is not just a fuel rail conversion kit, it includes the IAG V2 CNC billet aluminum top feed TGVs, IAG V3 top feed fuel rails, lower TGV gaskets, and braided fuel hose and fuel fittings that are designed for applications utilizing an Aeromotive FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator). Top feed injectors (sold separately) are required for use with this kit. IAG recommends Injector Dynamics fuel injectors.

The IAG V2 TGV Housings were created to improve performance by increasing airflow from the intake manifold to the cylinder heads. Special attention in the design process was placed on providing a larger TGV inner port design so that it matches gaskets and our ported cylinder heads as close as possible. The ports feature a fine-tuned surface finish that aids in improved airflow.

Additionally, the TGV's were manufactured with weight savings in mind. The V2's weigh nearly 30% less per pair than our previous versions. Furthermore, the new TGV housings provide a cleaner engine bay with reduced components, leaving more room for aftermarket performance parts such as larger turbo inlet pipes and manifolds.

The IAG Performance V3 Top Feed Billet Aluminum Fuel Rails with phenolic spacers are designed to increase the power ceiling on your Subaru's fuel system. The factory fuel rails function in a series, which means that each cylinder's fuel is delivered after the other. As horsepower rises past the 350whp mark, the stock rail often does not have the capacity to deliver fuel to the last cylinder effectively*. As a result, that last cylinder can run lean, which can result in catastrophic failure.

The IAG billet fuel rails are designed to eliminate this problem. First, our fuel rails operate in parallel format, each cylinder bank receives equal fuel, matching the flow between the rails ensures that each injector sees the same fuel pressure. Second, the bore of our rail is machined to 5/8" ID and is designed to accept -8 O-ring boss fittings. This configuration greatly increases the volume of the rail which means that more fuel is available at higher power levels and IAG's fuel rails were real-world tested to 1000hp.

The IAG V3 fuel rails also feature a port to add an optional fuel pressure pulsation damper between each pair of injectors. Fuel dampers absorb fuel oscillations caused by injectors opening and closing. All Subaru's are equipped with a fuel damper however its location is some distance from the injectors. The IAG V3 rails locate the damper between the injectors to help maintain constant pressure.

Finally, the IAG V3 fuel rails add phenolic spacers that are located between the rails and the TGV's. The phenolic spacers aid in reducing heat transferring from the engine to the fuel entering the engine. The included spacers come in two sizes to accommodate the fitment of various fuel injectors.

All IAG fuel rails are engineered and manufactured at the IAG facility in Westminster, Maryland. The rails are machined from a solid 6061 billet aluminum and feature an anodized black finish with the IAG logo engraved on the top.

Kit Includes:

  • (x2) IAG TGV Housings w/ Anodized Black Finish
  • (x2) IAG TGV Intake Manifold Adapters
  • (x2) M4 Hex Flat Head Screw
  • (x2) IAG Lower TGV to Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • (x8) M8x25mm Socket Head Bolts
  • (x8) M8 Washers

IAG Fuel Rails IAG-AFD-2102

  • (x2) Billet Fuel Rail
  • (x4) Zinc coated M8x30mm socket head cap bolt
  • (x4) Phenolic Short Spacers
  • (x4) Phenolic Long Spacers
  • (x4) O-rings
  • (x2) Hex Head Threaded Plugs

IAG Fuel Line Kit IAG-AFD-2202

  • (x7) -6 90 Degree Hose Fittings
  • (x4) -6 to -8 O-Ring Fittings
  • (x3) -6 to -6 O-Ring Fittings
  • (x2) Fuel Line Quick Connectors
  • (x5) Hose Clamps
  • (x2') 3/16" Silicone Vacuum Line
  • (x2') ⅛" Silicone Vacuum Line
  • (x1) Barbed Reducer Fitting
  • (x1) ¼" Barbed T Fitting
  • (x10') Braided Hose
  • (x1) ⅜” Stainless T Fitting

Fitment Notes:
  • Hose supplied requires you to cut to the desired lengths and attach fittings
  • Top Feed Fuel Injectors are required (sold separately)
  • The TGV hardware set included is designed to fit with OEM Gaskets. *Note the standard hardware set is not long enough to use with 3mm and 8mm phenolic spacers. Our optional 3mm and 8mm phenolic spacer sets include the correct hardware lengths for each spacer size. If you require updated hardware to work with your existing phenolic spacers please use the following items: 3mm Phenolic Replacement Hardware Set, 8mm Phenolic Replacement Hardware Set
  • Designed to work with the Aeromotive FPR PN# 13138

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