GrimmSpeed Downpipe 3in Catted Limited - 02-07 WRX, 04-07 STI, 04-08 FXT

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The Grimmspeed downpipe has been carefully engineered to provide the enthusiast looking to make more power with a great increase in performance. Grimmspeed believes that a downpipe should be one of the first modifications performed on your vehicle due to the fact that the factory downpipe design is very restrictive.
This particular downpipe has been fabricated from 304 stainless steel construction and features a thick 0.5in flange designed to resist warping and leaks in the most extreme driving conditions. Also featured is a high-flow, 300 cell catalytic converter, and it comes with 2 welded bung provisions for those of you who want to add a wideband 02 meter. More importantly because of the smooth mandrel bends combined with the 3in increased piping diameter, you will get reduced turbo lag, improved throttle response, along with increases in horsepower nad torque.
New gaskets and hardware will be supplied to make this downpipe ready for the installation.
Limited Features
Limited downpipes use flanges made of the very same 0.5in 304L Stainless material, but are fully machined with recesses for each tube as well as a beautiful 3D contour to smoothly transition the irregular shape of your internal wastegate outlet into our divorced tube for tighter boost control. Limited downpipes also come in a ceramic thermal coated version which are some of the best downpipes you can buy for your Subaru.
- Proudly made in the USA - Design, Materials and Fabrication
- Innovative 3-D Contour Flange (Limited models only)
- Flanges Fully CNC Machined (Limited models only)
- FARO Arm Designed - We are at the leading edge of new product design hardware
- O2 Bungs for factory sensor and aftermarket wideband AFR
- Divorced Wastegate for Optimal flow
- High-flow, 300 cell, metallic substrate catalytic converter
- GrimmSpeed Gaskets Included
- Once you have added our downpipe to your vehicle, you must be tuned. Replacing your factory catalytic converter sometimes causes a ‘cat converter efficiency’ check engine light. You can either use tuning to delete this CEL or you can use a mechanical fix. GrimmSpeed aftermarket downpipes modify OEM emissions control devices and are intended only for off-road racing applications.
2004-2007 Subaru STI
2002-2007 Subaru WRX
2004-2008 Subaru Forester XT

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