Raceseng TNR-1 Titanium Lug Nut Set - M12x1.25mm - Brushed Black

SKU: RSG010230BRBS20

$899.99 CAD

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TNR-1 is your solution to ugly and unsecure lug nuts. Forged from titanium, TNR-1 will never rust or corrode. The unique internal drive feature keeps the outside of your lug nuts looking mint and adds a superior layer of security to all 20 lug nuts. Our brushed black finish is ideal for the enthusiast who wants the stealth lug nut look on dark wheels or a pop of contrast on light colored wheels.

Each set of TNR-1 lug nuts included 20 lug nuts, R-Drive socket, and LB 8009 heavy duty anti-seize.

• Forged Titanium (45 grams each)
• Internal Security Drive
• Closed Ended Lug Nut
• Does not fit extended studs or stud conversion kits
• Comes standard with a non-floating conical seat

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